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Who is Tai-Sui (太岁) and what can I do to appease him?

tai sui

Tai Sui, sometimes known as the Grand Duke Jupiter, holds the title as one of the most feared yet respected Chinese deity. Common knowledge holds that if your zodiac is in conflict with him, or something you did offended him (whether intentionally or not), you would be in for a year of terrible luck.

As the ruler of the earth, Tai Sui is in charge of the affairs of all mortals, and makes the decision on our luck and fates. Just like Santa Claus, he will know if you are naughty or nice, and will mete out the punishments or rewards accordingly. In the year 2016, the ruling Tai Sui is General Guan Zhong (管仲).

Stats for Tai Sui in 2016:

  • Position of Tai Sui: South West 3 (Home sector of the Monkey Zodiac)
  • Zodiacs directly afflicted by Tai Sui: Monkey, Tiger
  • Zodiacs indirectly afflicted by Tai Sui: Snake, Pig

So, what can you do to appease him or take preventive measures? A few of the basic rules are listed below:

  1. Do not sit facing or sleep with the top of your head pointing toward the direction of Tai Sui (South West 3)
  2. If possible, avoid noise and commotion, particularly at the location where Tai Sui resides
  3. Keep a Pi Yao around, whether in the affected sector or on your body. The Pi Yao is Tai Sui’s fondest pet, and he will show less aggressiveness to those who holds it.
  4. Carry protective amulets. Sacred talismans from temples, Pi Yao, Tai Sui Amulets or Tai Sui Mantras will do just fine
  5. Perform or get someone to perform An Tai Sui, which is a ritual to seek his blessings for the year
  6. Seek out friends and allies that complement your zodiac to help you overcome challenges and adversity. They will also give you strength and protect you against harm60yrs


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